It's a park dog's life

All over Madison Park little helpers are assisting retail shop owners in myriad ways.

Legally, coffee shops and taverns can't allow their customers' furry friends to dine with them. But state Sen. Ken Jacobsen will get some attention in the Senate with his bill (SB 5484) "allowing dogs in designated outdoor areas of bars and coffee shops."

For a glimpse of what a couple of dogs are doing to keep retail moving, check out the pooches in the neighborhood.


TUCKER (three-quarters pug and one-quarter Boston terrier) tends to sun himself in the window of THE CHILDREN'S SHOP, 4216 E. Madison St. His owner, KATE ETHERINGTON, says he's usually pretty feisty when other dogs walk by, but a recent visit from Daisy and Dexter (local Wheaten terriers) did not bring out the beast in him.

Born on St. Patrick's Day five years ago, PARKER, the Norwich terrier at COOKIN', 4224 E. Madison St., would love to have spent his birthday with his favorite gal pal COLLEEN PRAETORIOUS at The Attic, 4226 E. Madison St.; however, his owner, JAN YODER, said he will have to wait until he's 21 (dog years?). Meanwhile, Parker has been Jan's good-luck charm since they day he arrived.

Farther down the block at MARTHA E. HARRIS, 4218 E. Madison St., is GRACIE, a mixed-breed who is 100-percent lovable. Almost skin and bones when Martha rescued her in Palm Springs, Calif., Gracie keeps things lively and heads out on deliveries whenever possible. She would drive the van if she had more than a dog license.

The job of a real estate dog isn't as easy as you might think, taking calls all day, especially if you can only bark. JANE POWERS' new puppy COOKIE (a shepherd mix) is trying to keep up with the fast-paced office at Ewing & Clark, 4108 E. Madison St.

TERESA KRUEGER, one of the pharmacists at PHARMACA, 4130 E. Madison St., finds that living a few blocks away not only saves on gas, but allows her to keep RONIN, a 40-pound Shiba Inu in the back of the store.

Best-kept secret for dogs? Dogs are permitted to go inside Pharmaca with their owner. Next best secret? The good treats are in the front of the store, but the best ones are in the back at the pharmacy counter.


PUFF and PAKI, two English sheep dogs, were strolling with their owner on a sunny day when a passer-by asked if they shed.

The owner replied that he lives in a "house of hair," and if he had two more dogs, "he could knit a sweater."

Dolly West, an East-Central Seattle resident, has lived in Seattle for more than 25 years.

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