Juanita Elementary Reading Worms win big

A group of seven dedicated fifth grade girls have won the King County Library Global Reading challenge representing Lake Washington School District on March 4 at the Redmond Regional Library. We read and studied 10 specially selected books and answered detailed questions about them in a group competition against other reading teams from other Lake Washington schools.

Our librarian at Juanita Elementary, Mrs. Mary Joseph, helped us in a study group at recesses; and our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Joan Niggemeyer, was very supportive of us. They were both there to cheer us on along with family and classmates. In the next competition on March 17, we tried our best, but came in second place in regional competition against Issaquah, Mercer Island and Bellevue reading teams.

Congratulations to the Bellevue group, which will continue to a state-wide final. As for the girls at Juanita, we will keep on reading and look for the return of the Reading Worms in 2006![[In-content Ad]]