Juanita High School students set the stage

Our Drama Department has always been a huge part of Juanita High School. All members are dedicated students willing to give up great quantities of their personal time to the club. Each day after school these students meet to work on their production ideas and themes. They have a great time working together and all strive for the same goal: to produce a play where the end results are not just good, but great. The club produces two plays every year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Students work on all sorts of things such as the props, the set, the costumes and of course, the acting. Our fall play this year, "Any Number Can Die, or, The Owl Hoots at Midnight," has been a huge success. The play was performed November 6 - 7 and again from November 13 - 15. Each night students, teachers and family packed the auditorium, looking forward to watching talented Juanita High School students do their acting thing. With nerves on end and pre-show jitters the actors performed like professionals each night. The audience was definitely not disappointed. In fact, they were enthralled by the well-performed murder mystery spoof.

Imagine this, if you will. You're sitting in a comfortable seat, deeply immersed and thoroughly enjoying what appears before you on stage. But scenes of a peaceful island mansion suddenly become a crime scene! Four murders have taken place! This is when the good stuff really starts to happen. These murders are the perfect opportunity for a pair of amateur detectives to begin their work. You're quickly spun into an action-filled drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end, when the curtains have finally closed.

This year's play was humorous, mysterious, fun, and just flat out great! It was filled with strange and sneaky characters, great costumes and props, prying detectives and more. All of this added up to an awesome drama production and a definite hit! If you want to see the Juanita High School drama department in action, you've got one more chance to enjoy our fine work. Catch another example of the great things going on at our school with our Spring play, which will run March 25 -26, and again from April 1- 3.

For more information regarding our Drama Department or any other activity at Juanita High School, call the activities office at 823-7623.

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