Kirkland Centennial Summer Performing Arts Series

July 5 Rod Cook and Toast
(energized American roots music)

July 6 Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth
(rootin' tootin' kid songs)

July 7 The Dudley Manlove Quartet
(a lounge twist on your favorite retro hits)

July 12 New Age Flamenco
(eclectic guitar virtuosos)

July 13 The Bubbleman
(bubble fun)

July 14 Bobby Medina and the Red Hot Band

(Las Vegas style show and dance band)

July 19 Mach One Jazz Orchestra
(swinging at the speed of sound)

July 20 The Brian Waite Band
(interactive fun with an energetic trio)

July 21 LeRoy Bell
(acoustic soul)

July 26 Reilly and Maloney
(acoustic folk harmonies)

July 27 Valentines Performing Pigs

July 28 Geoffrey Castle Band
(unique world rock featuring original Heart members Roger Fisher/guitar & Michael DeRosier/drums)

August 2 Side Project
(creative pop/rock)

August 3 Tia and Tia's Quacker Tunes
(award winning family recording artist)

August 4 HB Radke & the Jet City Swingers
(it's a swing-a-long sing-a-long)

August 9 Marilyn Keller
(R & B)

August 10 Rhys Thomas' Jugglemania
(juggling and zany fun)

August 11 Henry Cooper Band
(award winning slide blues guitar)

August 16 Captain Bogg and Salty
Pirate (pics with rockin' lics)

August 17 Captain Bogg and Salty Mermaid
(lullabies and pirate jigs)

August 18 The Buckaroosters
(all Buck Owens, all the time)[[In-content Ad]]