Kirkland Chamber Awards

The December Kirkland Chamber luncheon featured the 69th Annual Awards for 2004.

The Chamber Member of the Year Award is named in honor of A. Duane Lund who epitomized Chamber involvement and commitment to his community. This year's recipient, Chris Martin, Puget Sound Laser, Inc. has made significant contributions to the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce since joining just two years ago. Chris served as Ambassador Chair and is a Board member and vice president for membership.

The Anne J. Owen Community Service Award honors a Chamber member, who like its namesake, performs special community service over an extended period of time.

The winner was Bob Burke of the Kirkland Heritage Society. Bob has been president of the Kirkland Heritage Society for several years, and was one of the key players in saving, moving and restoring Heritage Hall.

He is a former chair of the Planning Commission as well as a member of the steering committee for the Kirkland Centennial. Bob is still extremely active in acquiring more items and information on Kirkland's history and also takes charge of getting volunteer groups together for the upkeep of Heritage Hall.

The Lee Johnson Student Community Service Award is named in honor of Lee Johnson, community leader, who felt that involvement of youth in community service, to quote his family, "was truly dear to his heart." This year's winner is Jamie O'Neill, a senior at Juanita High School. Jamie is president of the DECA club and has an on-line business. She has also played for the last three years on the varsity soccer team and has been a student government representative. She also works at the Inglewood Golf Club.

The Charles O. Morgan Business Excellence Award is named in honor of Chuck Morgan, a renowned business and community leader. On two occasions, in 1953 and 1965, Morgan was Kirkland Chamber president.

This year's winner is The Seattle Seahawks, whose community service and philanthropy has extended to numerous Kirkland community events and organizations through sponsorship and volunteer involvement. Mike Flood of the Seahawks has been a long-term member of the Chamber board and has been instrumental in involving the Seahawks in community events.

Kirkland woman wins lottery, gets makeover
Kirkland resident Jill Tucci has just landed in the lap of luxury, thanks to the Lotto "Feel Like a Million" makeover challenge. In November, Tucci was among more than 300 contestants who entered the challenge at five mall events across the state. She and other enthusiastic participants competed for the chance to win a head-to-toe makeover worth more than $11,000.

Having recently taken a big step in moving to Seattle from upstate New York, she explained her hopes for beginning her new adventure on the right foot (and even called on her lucky Buddha for a little extra help).

Tucci's convincing testimonial wowed the judges and earned her a place among the Westfield Shoppingtown Southcenter finalists, but her fate was ultimately in the hands of Washingtonians.

From November 17 through December 1, the public was invited to visit and vote for their favorite finalist from each mall event.

Kirkland's new Anti-Graffiti hotline
Kirkland has a new anti-graffiti hotline at 587-3824. The Public Works Department monitors this line weekdays during normal business hours. If you witness graffiti in the act, please call the police department at 587-3400.

The Public Works Department's goal is to remove graffiti on public property within 24 hours. When coordination with other agencies, such as Puget Sound Energy or King County/Metro is required, the response time will increase.

If the graffiti is on private property, the city will contact the owner and encourage the owner to remove the graffiti immediately. You may also use the hotline for reporting if it is your own property that has been vandalized with graffiti.

The best deterrent is swift removal, so residents are encouraged to call the hotline whenever you see unsightly graffiti around town. There is a graffiti removal service request form to make a report.

For questions regarding graffiti, you may contact the hotline at 587-3824 or at anti-graffiti@ci.kirk

Juanita Bay Park named best walk for toddlers
Kirkland's Juanita Bay Park was selected by Seattle Magazine as the Best Urban Nature Walk for Toddlers. Named in the magazine's fourth annual "Editors' Choice Awards," the park was cited as one of the region's best urban wildlife preserves as recognized by the Audubon Society. The park is a long-time favorite with local wildlife enthusiasts, and its boardwalks make it easy for little ones to safely explore habitat areas up close.

Seattle Magazine notes that Juanita Bay Park "is home to more than 122 species of wildlife throughout the year, including songbirds, waterfowl, turtles, frogs, and beavers. With interpretive signs, paved trails, boardwalks and scenic lookouts extending over the lake, the park is accessible and toddler friendly."

Nixon named lead Republican in House
Rep. Toby Nixon of Kirkland will serve as ranking Republican member of the House State Government Committee when the 2005 legislative session starts Jan. 10. He'll be responsible for shaping House Republican legislation on issues including state agency rule-making, election laws, public disclosure, campaign reform and ethics laws.

The State Government Committee addresses the processes of government, from the organization of government itself and various public employee laws to the workings of state agencies and the conduct of elected state officials.

Nixon is committed to restoring trust in government and says his promotion should give him considerable influence on key issues such as open records and meetings, accurate and fair elections and comprehensive independent performance audits - all on his "to-do" list for the upcoming term.

"With all of the controversy surrounding this year's election for governor and our primary election system, I expect that one of the major tasks before the committee will be refining and reforming our election laws," Nixon explained. "I also expect that we will work on updating the open public records act in response to recent state Supreme Court decisions that have reduced the public's ability to gain access to important government records."

Nixon's new position also includes responding to proposals from Democrats who will have majority control of the Legislature.[[In-content Ad]]