Let's walk the noble talk in Madison Valley

To the editor:

I read [Joe Kadushin's] article in the opinion section of the November Madison Park Times titled, "Turn your election energy toward realizing noble intentions." I couldn't agree with [him] more, and I am happy that [Kadushin] brought it to the attention of our community.

I wonder, though, in terms of energy usage, why Madison Valley has those little electric lights on all the trees bordering Madison Street turned on all day and night. What example are we setting?

As [Kadushin] points out, "isn't this a good time to start changing our bad habits?"

Not to put a damper on the holiday season, but we are more than two weeks before Thanksgiving, and the lights are on during the day. If Madison Park wants to make a statement, then there should be no lights at all. Can you imagine how much energy is being wasted?

I don't know what organization is responsible for putting up all the lights and using so much energy, but as a community we should be embarrassed. Since the election, our family is doing what [Kadushin] suggested and being very conscientious. As he stated, "noble intentions without corresponding actions are essentially meaningless."

JoAnn Forman


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