Letter: Graffiti stories will help alert community

What a splendid job [Ericka Berg] did in your recent articles on the graffiti problem in Seattle (Jan. 12 and 19) - good writing, fair coverage and extensive research and an admirable reach for a reasonable number of voices and points of view.

You did the community a big favor.

At least many more people will be aware of the issues, as well as the fact that someone (not in city official positions) really cares and wants to solve the problem, not toy with the public's ignorance and focus on the symptoms - the marks. Bravo.

For me, the highlight was [the city's Graffiti Prevention Program manager Vic] Roberson's robotic propaganda remark: "The community wouldn't have it any other way." Exactly what is the "it"?

In any case, he furnished me with the epigraph for an art museum project I'm working on. No question, I [will] have his name bright and bold beneath his remark - spread across a wall in the exhibition.

Anyway, you deserve an "incredibles" award. Thanks.

Marvin Albert