Lighting up the South Seattle winter nights

Touring holiday light displays with family and friends is one of the most popular activities of the season, and South Seattle is no exception. Here's an account for Seward Park resident, and photographer, Leilani McCoy:

"Up I ride from the lake every morning, up a little hillĀ and atĀ Alaska at 51st is the most magical site. Every year the owner adds something new to his design. A year ago a new house was built behind him which allowed him to hang a wire for Santa and his reindeer to fly through the sky. I love this house. Everything about it amazes me: blinking and glowing all night making my dark, cold morning December rides warm and enchanting."

Know of a South End home or business sparkling in its holiday finest and worthy of a photo?

Please send in your shots, and stories about the festive places, to for everyone to enjoy.

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