Madison Market not a recent neighbor

To the editor:
Thank you for printing Korte Brueckmann's recent article concerning Rainbow Grocery's premature demise ( April 25). However, we, Central Co-op's Madison Market, wish to politely challenge the author's assertion that we were a "comparatively new" neighbor to Rainbow Grocery.

Before Central Co-op became Central Co-op's Madison Market and moved to 16th Avenue and Madison Street from 12th Avenue East and East Denny Way in 1999, we existed as a community-owned Capitol Hill business since 1978 (we are, in fact, years older than the charming Rainbow grocery).

While our co-op did not maintain a formal partnership with Rainbow, we mindfully coexisted throughout the store's more than 20-year life, with many a member-owner, worker and trustee frequenting their quaint shop to hunt their phenomenal product selection.

Besides highlighting both Rainbow's and our community institution status, we wish to distinguish ourselves from the recently erected, national chain Trader Joe's, and other conventional shops.

Caple Melton,
Educational Outreach Assistant
Madison Market
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