Magnolia karate kids pluck 47 medals in Rose City

Athletes from the Magnolia Karate Academy blocked and punched their way to 47 medals, including 10 gold medals, at the 19th Annual Ryobu-Kai Northwest Classic karate tournament held Feb. 26-27 in Portland, Ore.

Competing against more than 300 athletes from around the Pacific Northwest, the Magnolia contingent demonstrated their medal-winning skill in nearly every age division and belt color.

In the adult division, gold medalists in kata (form competitions) were Jennifer Crandall and Jackie Pearson. Also in kata, John Werner won silver and Max Suman took bronze. Suman also won bronze for kumite (fighting), as did Kristen Moffett and Pearson.

In a strong showing among the youth division, Cole McCullough and Joshua Pearson won gold for kata; David Bruce-Rennick, Torrey Gray, Lucien Miller and Pearson took gold in team kata; and Miki Cole and David Fandel won gold in kumite.

Silver medalists were Jessica Collins, Johnny Ochsner and Elisabeth Pearson for kata; Joshua Paley, Jacob O'Donnell, Claire Lynch, Elisabeth Pearson and Rebecca Stewart in kumite; and Zach Ehrlich, O'Donnell and Ochsner for team kata.

Bronze winners in kata were Keane Collins, Gray, Jade Henderson, Tommy Hulse, Shannon Luchessa, Lynch, Grant Moffett, O'Donnell, Joshua Paley and Matthew Paley; and in kumite, bronze went to Ben Bonci, Jessica Collins, Keane Collins, Zach Ehrlich, Jade Henderson, Hulse, Cole McCullough, Moffett, Ochsner, Morgan Wilkes and Sam Wolk.[[In-content Ad]]