More than Family Matters at Fatima

I would like to help clarify and balance the coverage in the News this week [July 18] regarding Family Matters at Our Lady of Fatima.

I work directly with the homeless ministry in our parish and was disappointed that the front-page article seemed to represent our efforts as a whole.

There are countless opportunities to serve not just the homeless but all poor and vulnerable in our city, and Our Lady of Fatima, as with all institutions and businesses, has limited resources. We need to be very focused so we can live up to our commitments with integrity, and of course, we all wish we could do more.

At Fatima we have a very active min-istry to support the homeless shelter at St. Martin de Porres. There are almost 100 people working to donate time, money, care, food, transportation and personal care items to these men, many of whom have simply fallen on hard times.

While there is a long-term plan to end homelessness in King County, we are to-tally committed to contribute to the imme-diate needs of our homeless neighbors.

Suzanne Patneaude

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