Musicians, scholars shine at Juanita High School

The Juanita High School music department is one program that we here at Juanita have always been proud of and able to brag about. The enthusiasm and love that goes into this department has really shown through in all the students' performances and achievements.

One opportunity to show off our most talented members is a competition to earn the title of "All-State Musician." This program, sponsored by the Washington Music Educators Association, is a great way for student musicians to demonstrate their skills.

Each year, high school students all across the state of Washington submit an audition tape, and if they are chosen, are given the opportunity to perform with other All-State musicians in concert.

This annual program is a rich tradition that our music department eagerly anticipates. Most schools the size of Juanita would be proud to have one or two students selected. Amazingly, we had eight fabulous musicians chosen to represent us this year!

This is indeed a very high honor, proving us to be among the best of the very best. They are: Matt Dillon (tuba), Emily Hiatt (clarinet), Saara Kamal (trombone), Daniel Miller (trombone), Tessa Salo (contra-alto clarinet), Blair Sordetto (French horn), Amanda Floeting (voice) and Malcolm Williams (voice.) Congratulations to all for your achievement and carrying on the tradition of excellence at JHS.

We also recently celebrated some other successes among our student body, recognizing the following students at our winter spirit assembly. Our fall scholar athletes are chosen for their exemplary work both in the classroom and on their teams.

We are proud of Neil Rotta (cross country), Beth Linford (swim and dive), Nick Mohazzabfar (golf), Bryan Walters (football), Taylor Rowland (tennis), Eileen Griep (volleyball) and Megan Adam (soccer).

Finally, we earlier had recognized Shoshana Golden as our National Merit Semifinalist, but we have also just been informed that Monica Dadashi and Ross Radke have been designated "Commended Scholars" for their success on last year's PSAT.

Congratulations, Rebels! We are mighty proud of you.[[In-content Ad]]