NEIGHBORS | June 2011

The Madrona Community Council honored several residents during its Neighbor Appreciation Day ceremony in late March.

The Nora Award, which honors individuals who have left personal marks on the community, went to Audrey Seale, who started the monthly Madrona Dining and Sipping Society.

Former physician-turned-pie maker Barbara Schwartz received The Local Hero Award for delivering her neighbors’ baby last October.

The CDSA preschool teachers at Madrona K-8 School were recognized with The Tyrone Love Unsung Hero Award for their contributions to the community. Despite personal tragedies, the teachers have continued to teach at Spectrum Dance Theater, Epiphany School, St. Therese School and Madrona K-8.

Julie Guerrero and Carlos Kainz were given the Madrona Residents for Life Award. They recently closed their restaurant Dulces Latin Bistro after 16 years.

The community council also honored students and teachers at Madrona K-8 School: Elijah Woolms (second grade), Louis Moreno Vasquez (third grade), Bridget Laffite (eighth grade), instructional assistant Barbara Rockey and special-education assistant Dejon Hush (Doris Baptist Hickman Staff Awards), parent volunteer Julie Hanson (Go Panthers Award) and mentor Victoria Romero (Kaaren Andrews & Mary Bass Award).

Local residents Grace Brem, Melina Bridge, Esme Christou, sisters Grace and Sarah Clarke, Nancy Curtis, sisters Eliza and Ruby Dworkin, Emma Earnshaw, Grace Goodman, Joshua Jaffe, Emma Jassy, Juliette Jones, Emma Leventhal, sisters Elana and Olivia Levitan, Liam MacDonald, Ian MacPherson, Libby Messner, Grace Nelson, Evan Owens, Patience Probst, Phoebe Robinson, Samantha Sleight, Omar Sullivan and sisters Anna, Nicole and Samantha Torres are split among three casts for Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

“Fiddler” runs Friday, June 3, through June 11 at ACT Theatre.

David Breyman, Genevieve Joers, Ivy Page-Salisbury, Maya McQueen and Sarah Torres are rehearsing for their roles in Broadway Bound’s production of “13 The Musical.”

The show runs June 17 through 29, also at ACT Theatre.[[In-content Ad]]