New group's processes ignore residents

I am a lifelong resident of Madison Park, a graduate of McGilvra [Elementary School] (1953), father of three McGilvra graduates [and] also a co-owner of a business property in the center of this district.

An aggressive campaign was launched a few months ago to generate dialogue on local neighborhood governing policies by Historic Madison Park (HMP), a group that solicits donations of up to $100,000.

Already, a loosely formed umbrella has been formed [among] HMP, the Madison Park Community Council and the Madison Park Business Association. How this occurred is both controversial and complicated and is not the subject of this letter. Instead, I will briefly outline one specific process regarding an in-house HMP proposal to start a farmers' market in spring 2008.

In late May 2007, HMP proposed on [its] website the establishment of a farmers' market, [to take place] every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer. As a condition of this proposal, 43rd [Avenue East] between [East] Blaine and Howe [streets] must be turned into a green space. Apparently, this proposal was generated by a survey, to which a few people might have responded.

No where in that survey was there any indication of the need to close the street as a condition for the farmers' market. Some negative implications of closing 43rd have already been presented to HMP by affected residents and ignored.

The Madison Park Community Council, for at least half a century, has preserved this unique neighborhood for us locals and the city at large. HMP seems to disagree!

Paul Dobrin
Madison Park

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