Pet panic on the fourth

The Seattle Animal Shelter urges pet owners to take extra precautions to protect their pets from fireworks.

Says shelter director Don Jordan: "Many animals are frightened by fireworks, and some pet owners will see a side of their animal that they've never seen before. Fido or Lady can go from a beloved family pet to a Tasmanian Devil Dog in a matter of minutes."

To avoid that:

■ Keep pet indoors or otherwise secured when fireworks are being shot off.

■ Take your pet outside to relieve itself before dark.

■ If you take your pet to a park, do not leave it locked in a car.

■ Do not take your pet to public fireworks displays.

■ Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification, such as a current pet license.

The shelter will be closed on July 4. If you need assistance, contact Seattle PD non-emergency number: 625-5011.

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