Police report for 8-20

Warrant bummer

Thursday, July 31, 8:35 p.m.

Police looking for a man who has a whopping $250,000 worth of warrants out on him found him at the source of the warrants in a home on 16th Avenue South. The warrants were linked to numerous domestic-violence incidents that resulted in five no-contact orders that prohibited the guy from seeing the woman he's been whaling on, according to the police report, which notes he was at the home he and the woman share when the cops showed up.

The report also notes the man has a habit of running for it when police try to catch him, so multiple units surrounded the place. And sure enough he tried to get away. But the guy got caught anyway, and he was definitely not happy about the development.

He was "highly verbally aggravated by the entire event, screaming that this was 'not fair,'" according to the report. He was also surprised about both the number of warrants out on him and the extraordinarily high bail for them.

The woman who had been the subject of the alleged abuse told police that night that she'd called 911 a few days earlier, but she claimed she was unaware of the no-contact orders. The woman also stressed that she wanted police to tell the guy that his arrest that Thursday wasn't the result of her calling 911.

The guy, for his part, wondered what he was supposed to do since he lived in the house, and he continued to loudly complain about his predicament on the way to the police station. He repeated his contention that the bust was unfair and said he'd won several appeals.

The man also had an excuse. He told police repeatedly that a local judge and a Seattle City Council member are and have been drinking too much, and he "feels this current injustice to him is one of the results of that." Still, the report notes, the man was later booked into the King County slammer without problems.

'Jungle' combat

Friday, August 1, 6:22 p.m.

A woman in her early 20s with a banged-up and bloodied head asked for help at the entrance of a medical center in the 1200 block of 12th Ave. S., but she was reluctant to provide any details about what happened when police arrived to investigate.

The woman at first said she didn't know her attacker and couldn't remember what the attacker was wearing. A little while later, though, she told police her attacker was a woman in her 40s who was wearing a striped sweatshirt and blue jeans, a woman who'd bashed her in the head numerous times with a bottle until the bottle broke.

She also said the attack was unprovoked and that nothing had been said before the head-bashing began. The woman ultimately changed her story yet again, providing a possible name for her attacker, adding that the woman was a "known drunk" and that the two had fought in the past. The woman also said she and her attacker both live in "The Jungle" just to the west of the clinic.

Mindless vandalism

Saturday, August 2, 8 p.m.

The entire passenger side of a 2008 Toyota Sienna was keyed while it was parked in a grocery-store lot in the 9200 block of Rainier Ave. S. It was a twofer situation, according to the investigating officer, who noted she'd also taken a report 10 minutes earlier about the entire length of the driver's side of a 2003 Mercedes getting keyed in the same lot. There were apparently no witnesses, but police are hoping a surveillance tape of the parking lot might provide a clue as to who the destructive maniac was.

Truck prowl

Sunday, August 3, 11:08 a.m.

A man who lives in the 900 block of Sturgis Ave. S. came home from a hunting trip the night of Aug. 2 and didn't unload his Toyota. But he came out the next morning to find someone had given him a hand, breaking one of the windows of the SUV.

Stolen were two $400 rifle scopes, a $1,200 Remington pistol, a $1,200 Winchester rifle, 225 rounds of hand-loaded ammo and a $250 pair of Pentax binoculars. There was some evidence found at the scene. It included a rock on the front seat, along with an open but unused condom, a piece of rubber tubing and a spark plug on the ground next to the broken window. The spark plug was placed into evidence for fingerprinting.


Sunday, August 3, 1:30 p.m.

A Des Moines woman in her mid-50s flagged down a cop to complain about some rude and lewd conduct she'd experienced two days earlier at a Georgetown bar in the 6200 block of 13th Ave. S.

Seems the woman has a tradition of watching the Blue Angels take off from Boeing Field during Seafair, and she'd gone to the joint in question afterward to have some drinks and hang out on Friday that weekend.

The woman sat in the beer garden, but a table inside with around a dozen guys sitting at it attracted her attention on the way back to her seat after going to the john. The woman told police she even commented that she'd never seen "the group of young, good looking men at the bar before," and one of them explained that they'd been hired to build a women's shelter.

So impressed with the news was the woman that she kissed the guy who provided the information and said it was a smooch from all the women the construction crew would be helping in the future. But another guy in the group got carried away, grabbed the woman's breasts and laughed, she complained to police.

The groping upset the woman and she started crying while the construction crew tried to calm her down. The men even offered to buy her a drink on top of the ones they'd already bought the woman, which was OK with her. But it wasn't OK with the bar and both the woman and the men were cut off.

She was still cut off the next day when she returned to the bar after watching the Blue Angels, so the woman went home and called the Des Moines cops to report the alleged groping incident. The Des Moines police told her to call Seattle cops, and that's why she flagged one down the next day. Bar staffers told police the woman has caused problems in the joint before on Seafair weekends, and police made do with taking a report and giving her a case number.

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