Public meeting on Discovery Park improvements

Seattle Parks and Recreation will host a public meeting to update the community on improvement projects at Discovery Park funded by the West Point Settlement. The meeting will be held at the Discovery Park Visitor center at 3801 W. Government Way on May 8 from 6 to 7 p.m.

At the meeting Parks will discuss the removal of the Chapel Annex, the Nike Building, Building No. 653 and the North Forest Road, as well as the restoration of the Lighthouse. The Chapel Annex demolition is almost complete and efforts are underway to demolish the Nike Building and Building No. 653. The Lighthouse restoration and removal of the North Forest Road are scheduled to begin later this year. (The Army Reserve Center is not included in these efforts.)

The West Point Settlement made approximately $5 million dollars available as a result of an agreement between King County and several citizen groups. The legislation that followed authorized the allocation of funds at Discovery Park.

For project information, visit For additional information, contact Garrett Farrell, Senior Capital Projects Coordinator, at 233-7921 or

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