Queen Anne group at Student Diversity Summit

The Seattle Chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, in partnership with Queen Anne's Church of Scientology, presented its human-rights campaign at the Puget Sound Educational Service District's Student Diversity Summit at Camp Berachah in Auburn on March 25.

YHRI opened the activities on Sunday with a presentation of the award-winning music video "United," a street-savvy, multiethnic, five-minute film that has been produced in 15 languages and conveys the power of human-rights awareness.

Group members talked with the students, who represented 15 high schools in King and Pierce counties, about the purpose of Youth for Human Rights - educating people on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become advocates for tolerance and peace - and made a presentation of 15 human-rights public service announcements. Each student received a kit with a copy of the human-rights DVD, a booklet about the Universal Declaration and information on how to start their own human-rights activities in their schools.

YHRI works with human-rights advocates, legislators, teachers, police, humanitarians and others to encourage young people to learn about and champion human rights.

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