Reznor returns to Key

Trent Reznor is largely considered one of the greatest musical innovators of the past two decades, single-handedly taking a disenfranchised segment of the music market and rewiring it into a formidable force.
He will bring that force, those industrial guitars and dreamy audioscapes to the KeyArena this Saturday, touring behind "The Slip," which several critics hail as his most powerful in years.
Since shaking off a heroin addiction, Reznor, 43, who is the lifeblood of Nine Inch Nails, has been quite prolific. Before then it was a record every five years. In the past two years he's released four works: "With Teeth," "Year Zero," "Ghosts I-IV" and "The Slip," the latter Reznor made available to fans for free through last May.
All but "Ghosts" contain the same monster riffs tangled up in futuristic, electronic gadgetry. And mixed with them are his pristine instrumentals that seem otherworldly.
"Ghosts I-IV" contains 36 of these instrumentals, which in a litmus test for the future of the music industry, he sold via his Web site only, and in the first week took in nearly $1.7 million.
Even after more than 20 years of touring and recording, Reznor remains as cutting edge as ever.[[In-content Ad]]