Rose Hill dedication features two teachers from '50s

The new Rose Hill Elementary School, which was built on the same site as the 1954 building, was dedicated Oct. 5 and was attended by two of the schools' teachers from 1950s, Mr. Duane Thorson and Mrs. Esther Eyer-Cable.

Also on hand was the school's current principal Joyce Teshima, district superintendent Don Saul, staff and many celebrants.

Duane Thorson

Born in 1929 in South Dakota, Thorson taught fifth grade from the day Rose Hill Elementary opened in 1954 through 1958. In 35 years in education, he also taught at Norkirk Elementary, Audubon Elementary, Redmond Elementary and held other positions within the district. One of his three daughters - Susan Worthen - teaches at Mark Twain Elementary School.

Thorson now lives with his wife, Christine, at Emerald Heights in Redmond.

Esther Eyer-Cable

Eyer-Cable was born in Duluth, Minn. in 1908. Her mother was a teacher and every day, she would take Esther and her three siblings to school in a horse and buggy. During World War II, Esther worked at Boeing checking and inspecting rivets (screws) on the airplanes.

She attended the University of Washington and earned enough credits for a master's degree in teaching science and math. She came to Rose Hill Elementary in 1956 to teach first grade. She continued to teach at Rose Hill Elementary for the next 14 years.

Brigitte Tennis, headmistress and teacher at Stella Schola, had Mrs. Eyer as her first-grade teacher where she remembers her as a "kind and understanding lady." 

Having just celebrated her 98th birthday last month, Mrs. Eyer-Cable lives at Emerald Heights in Redmond; she is one of the original residents at Emerald Heights.

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