Rose Hill El student council goes to Olympia

Our student council took a trip to Olympia on March 11. When we got there we first went to see the Korean War Memorial. Our tour guide, Pat, talked about how many people died in the war and that the statue cost more than $400,000 to make! Thousands of people from Washington died in the war.

Then we went to the Vietnam War Memorial. The memorial was a long strip of marble and it had names carved into it! Also, the memorial had a shape of Vietnam punched through and a big bench where we could see the whole memorial.

Next we got to go into the legislative building. We saw that the walls and floors were covered in Alaskan marble! The Washington state time capsule had not been opened for more than 100 years and it would not be opened for another 400 years!

There was also a chandelier that was 110 feet above our heads. The lights in the chandelier cost over $200 each. Another interesting thing about the chandelier was that it had real-life size carvings of faces on it!

We also got to meet our representatives of the 48th District. One of them was a Democrat and the other was a Republican. But they both put aside their differences and agreed on most of the bills and issues. They talked about how one of the reps was in the legislature for 16 years.

Then we went into the House of Justice, where we got to go into the Supreme Court room. And they picked some of our student council to play out our own case.

The case was that a woman saw a starving horse and took it to her pasture to eat and nurse it back to health. The farmer that owned the horse sued her for stealing the horse. We got to play out how the case ended: would she pay a fine or be let free and just give the horse back to the owner. We decided that the woman was innocent and was let free.

We went by and saw the Governor's Mansion. It was a very humongous house. Then we got to go into the governor's conference room. The curtains had 14 karat gold thread which was the only gold in the entire legislative building.

We all had a great time and learned more about the Capitol than we ever knew!

Allison and Abbey are both members of the Rose Hill Elementary School Student Council.

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