School board passes budget; some fees to rise

On Aug. 7, the Lake Washington School District board stamped its approval on a cost-cutting and revenue-producing budget that freed up $3.5 million.

The shortfall was expected; as a result, the board was able to insulate the classroom and mitigate any impact on learning by increasing external fees and not cutting programs.

Following is a brief overview of the 2006-07 school year budget:

* Elementary and junior high school bus routes will be consolidated, saving $130,000. High-school routes will also be examined for possible consolidation.

* It will cost more to participate in athletic programs. The fee for junior high athletics participation will increase by $10; for senior high, $25. This should bolster district revenues by $81,000.

* A $300 fee will be charged to those students who wish to ride the choice school shuttle bus. It costs $80,000 to run the shuttle that serves the International Community School in Houghton and the Environmental and Adventure School on Finn Hill.

* Activities fees for community use of school buildings, stadiums and theaters will increase between 10 and 20 percent. This change would net the district approximately $115,000.

* Prices of school meals will increase. Elementary-level lunches will be $2.25 instead of $2; secondary lunches will rise from $2.25 to $2.50;

* Associated student body fees will increase: in junior high schools, from $15 to $20; in senior high schools, from $35 to $40.

* Extended day program fees will rise from $373 to $386 for first child; $298 to $309 for second child.

* Finally, it will cost more to swim. Expect to pay $3 across the board for youth, adults and seniors. Family swim remains at $550.

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