The following is the menu for Seattle Public Schools' elementary students. All breakfasts include toast, fruit, juice and milk. Lunches include vegetables, fruit and milk. The menu is subject to change. MONDAY, SEPT. 22Breakfast: Hot or cold cereal.Lunch: Chicken drummies, Italian Hot Pocket or Yogurt and muffin Munchable.TUESDAY, SEPT. 23Breakfast: Egg-and-cheese breakfast burrito with or without salsa.Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad with whole-wheat roll or Cheese pizza.WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 24Breakfast: Egg, cheese and turkey-ham bake.Lunch: Deli turkey, turkey-ham and cheese sandwich, Vegetarian chili-and-cheese wrap or Yogurt and grahams Munchable.THURSDAY, SEPT. 25Breakfast: Two mini bagels with cream cheese.Lunch: Turkey tetrazzini or Veggie burger with or without American cheese on multigrain bun.FRIDAY, SEPT. 26Breakfast: Small cinnamon roll.Lunch: Italian meatball sandwich with mozzarella cheese or Breaded fish nuggets with or without tartar sauce.[[In-content Ad]]