Second anniversary of the Iraq invasion protested

Thousands of Seattlites braved boughts of heavy rain on Saturday to protest the Iraq war and America's leadership. The March 19 gathering near the Seattle Center's International Peace Fountain marked the two year anniversary of the start of the current Iraq war.

Several Southeast Seattle peace and political groups, such as the Freedom Socialist Party pictured at left, were on hand to show their opposition against the war. Nationally and internationally they were not alone.

Over 800 cities and towns across the country held similar rallies to protest the invasion. According to figures gathered by Democracy Now! reporters, the a crowd of over 4,000 demonstrated in Fayatteville, North Carolina, civilian home of the Fort Bragg military base. It was the largest protest at the base since the Vietnam War. Internationally, London held the largest protest with a crowd estimate of 45,000 to 100,000 protesting in the streets.[[In-content Ad]]