Sidewalk Talk

Did you watch the first presidential debate? What did you think?

Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk

Natalie Weiner

I did, and I thought they were interesting. McCain did better then I expected, and I thought Barack could have done better. I hope the American people weren't swayed by the familiar republican based tactics and lies.

Bonny Oborn

Did we ever! We've been talking about it the last hour. McCain was the snappy guy he always is and always on the offensive, very dismissive of Obama. I wasn't buying it at all.

Sally Davis

I was pleased. Obama did good. He was knowledgeable, calm, cool and collected, precise and thoughtful. McCain repeated the same old republican attack lines, and he didn't wear a flag pin. Obama did.

Charles Ward

Yes I did. Contrived as contrived gets. I can debate the Iraq war policy. What's the point if your not going to take a human approach, if your not going to risk anything by telling us your personal concepts? It was very ho-hum.

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