South End neighborhoods eligible for county's environmental grants

King County announces grant funding to support local environmental projects

The King County Water and Land Resources Division is offering grant money to support eligible local projects involving watershed protection, habitat restoration, reforestation, salmon conservation, natural resource stewardship and related education efforts.

The grants are available for projects located in King County or south Snohomish County watersheds that flow into Lake Washington or Sammamish River.

Municipalities, local governments, First Nation communities, private and non-profit organizations, schools, community associations and the general public are all eligible for funding.

Last year, 54 grantees received funding for their innovative projects through the King County Exchange programs, totaling more than $1.3 million in award money.

This year includes the addition of a micro grant program that provides awards up to $500. There is no deadline for this grant program.

Grant recipients can use these funds to implement in-depth projects that educate, inform and empower community members to become involved in water pollution prevention, water conservation projects and habitat restoration. Depending on the type of project, participants are eligible for a maximum award of $50,000.

July 1 is the deadlines for the following four competitive grants available this year. The first grant, the Rural Community Partnership awards up to $35,000 for water quality, drainage and water-dependent habitat. Projects must be located inside the Rural Drainage Program Service Area and serve unincorporated areas.

The second grant, Splash, awards up to $15,000 for water quality education projects anywhere in King County and south Snohomish County basins that drain into the Sammamish River.

The third grant, WaterWorks, awards up to $50,000 for projects that improve or preserve water quality and water-dependent habitat. Projects must be located within King County's Wastewater Division Treatment Service Area (includes portions of South Snohomish County).

The final grant, Wild Places in City Spaces (the Urban Reforestation and Habitat Restoration Fund) awards up to $10,000 for urban wildlife habitat and reforestation projects located inside the Urban Growth Area.

For more information, contact Ken Pritchard, grant exchange coordinator, at or call 296-8265.

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