STREET TALK: Are you paying attention to the City Council races?


No, I haven't been paying attention. I let my roommate with the same political bent do all my research. He's very astute and on top of it.


A little bit. I'm a bartender, so it does hit home with the things that have been happening. Instead of sticking it to the bartenders they should be focusing on real issues. Seattle is the best city in the world and we should be leaders on issues like health care and resources for single mothers. Honestly, all the candidates seem the same to me.


I've read The Stranger and I agree with what they have to say on a lot of the candidates and issues. More or less, I'll vote for who The Stranger endorses.


I'm not following local politics at all. I keep up more with national isues. I know it should be the other way around. Instead of the news I watch Comedy Central. I know this isn't the right answer, but I probably won't vote.
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