Street Talk: 'How did the tsunami tragedy affect your New Year's resolutions?'

Ryan Scott

"Not really at all."

Michael Cole

"Well, it has definitely made me think that you need to help people and think about the world more as a whole."

Marcia Johnson

"It presented so many reevaluations to one's life. I think it is frustrating because I was so overwhelmed by the suddenness and not knowing what quite to do because of the enormity of it."

Cathryn Virzi

"This year I resolved not to have any New Year's resolutions. It changed my outlook, though. It really did impact me in a huge way - it is completely unimaginable."

Kerby Mayer

"Since I made none it really didn't effect them other than the fact that I really need to send some money to the charities."

Cian Dooley

"We just had twins New Year's Eve. We took a photo of the Dec. 30 Seattle Times front page to show to them in years to come. The tsunami had such a huge effect on us. It almost felt like we were replacing some of the old lives with new lives. We just felt so lucky compared with Asia. How much more contrasting can you get?"[[In-content Ad]]