STREET TALK: 'If you could be the mayor of Magnolia for a day, what would be your top priority?'


"I don't know if I know the area that well; I've only lived here about 15 years. I love Magnolia and would try to maintain its unique quality."


"I would get the sidewalks in the Village repaired. About a year ago an elderly woman took a bad spill in front of Leroux's because of the uneven sidewalk. Fortunately she was OK, but it's a bad situation."


"They need to put in more parking around here. I had to look all over for a spot so I could mail a letter. With the condo construction, they took away parking places and the drive-up postal boxes."


"I'd put in an off-leash dog park so all the dog owners would have a place to take their dogs for exercise."


"I would like to go back in time about 30 years or so and suspend all these condo projects. I kind of liked Magnolia that way it was back then."

(Walter is 90 years old.)
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