Street Talk: What do you think about Pride moving off of Capitol Hill this year?

Andrew Piazza

"I think it will be awkward downtown. Capitol Hill is where all the pride is happening. It will be interesting to expose it to the straight masses downtown."

Nicole Conrady

"I think its ridiculous. Gay Pride should be celebrated on its home turf. It's a better atmosphere here."

Mike Gikaru

"As a business owner, it's going to be a big hit financially. I've cried over it. I've fought it, and I guess we lost. But, maybe diversity has to be introduced at any cost."

Eric Schwartz

"I think it's a big mistake. It's a tradition up here, and it should stay here."

Charles Redell

"It should be up here. Where else but the epicenter of Seattle's gay culture."[[In-content Ad]]