Street Talk: 'What is your reaction to the Terri Schiavo case and the media attention it's got?'


"I think that it is tragic. [So much] coverage seems to be politically motivated, and it's deplorable that politicians are exploiting the private pain of this family. It's interesting to note that the funding for Terri Schiavo's hospice care is covered by Medicaid and the settlement of a medical court case, both of which have received strong criticism from the current administration."


"I think that there are a lot of people dying in the world, and someone who is brain-dead should not be garnering this much attention."


"It is sad that the media is [fascinated] by this issue rather than inflation, the fact that the dollar is dropping and soldiers are dying. The parents are acting like God to keep this woman alive."


"It is disgusting that such a personal issue has taken on such national significance in times of war. There are much more pertinent things to be concerned about."


"The Bushes have overstepped their bounds, but I think that it is making a lot of people talk to their families about what they want for themselves, which is a good outcome. I wish that the family could have been allowed to have privacy."


"Did she die yet? I think that they should let her go. As far as the media goes, I am not shocked that they are so involved - it's a pretty big deal with Congress. But I am done with it."

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