Student, teacher 'Earth Heroes' at Rose Hill JH and LWHS

On April 19, King County Executive Ron Sims honored students, teachers, school staff and volunteers for their actions on behalf of the environment as winners of Earth Heroes at School awards.

The Earth Heroes at School Awards honors individuals and programs whose values and actions support the region's environment and high quality of life.

More information is available by contacting Donna Miscolta at, or 206-206-4477.

Angie Laulainen, Karen Dunning and Environmental Club, Rose Hill Junior High School

These teachers and students developed a comprehensive and effective recycling program for cans, bottles and paper, plus printer cartridges, cell phones and handheld devices. Laulainen, Dunning and the students have consistently come up with new ways to promote recycling that are fun and educational.

Maggie Windus, Juanita Elementary School

Realizing a need to improve the recycling program at her school, Windus involved students in collecting recyclables from the classrooms, expanded the program to include bottles and cans, and was instrumental in adding food waste to the collection system.

Her students learned how to plan, start and promote a recycling program, and learned how their efforts were related to other environmental issues.

Kirsten Minor, Taryn Grant, Pauline Lau, Lake Washington High School

These three students took the initiative to increase recycling awareness and participation when they discovered that many recyclables were ending up in the trash. They recruited other students, developed a collection plan, obtained recycling containers, created promotional and educational posters and started a classroom competition to get students excited about recycling. Their leadership and enthusiasm has had a significant impact on the school.[[In-content Ad]]