Sunday not a day of rest for DJ Kyler

Described by promoters as Seattle's favorite up-and-coming DJ, DJ Kyler spins for the club Sugar on Capitol Hill during their weekly Twilight event each Sunday evening. The event began a few weeks ago, and though it seems to have had a slow, even rough start, Sugar nightclub's promoter Ric Ibarra is devoted to turning it into a successful endeavor. Applying Kyler's musical talent should enhance the event, since Kyler is well known in Seattle's music scene. Every Monday, for instance, DJ Kyler works the "drive-at-5" on C89.

C89 - FM 89.5 - is a club dance music station with no commercials and the newest techno and R&B hits on the air. It's the largest and most influential educational radio station in the country, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

According to promoters the Twilight event at Sugar is an effort to bring back the popular Seattle Sunday afternoon dance experience.

The advertised start time is 4 p.m. to midnight, but Ibarra indicates that 6 p.m. is when DJ Kyler starts mixing his "sexy house music." Kyler describes the music as "generally house, progressive mainstream dance." Ibarra adds that the sound has a "characteristic energy that allows for either dancing or sitting with friends and enjoying the ambiance."

It's the kind of ambiance that encourages intimate social interaction. Sugar is a great place to meet friends as well as one of the best places to dance on Capitol Hill. The bar and carefully designed lighted seating area divides the dance floor from the cozy corner booths. The upper floor balcony allows for a great view of the dance floor and more comfortable seating. The upper floor is also a great place for just hanging out or hosting a private party.

Sugar is located at 916 East Pike Street. Their Web site,, includes a weekly events calendar that's updated regularly.

The club itself features soft lighting, a unique layout and an awesome dance floor. There is a great deal of space, interesting stage areas for the more dramatic, creative effect lighting and excellent acoustics. The sound system is well designed, kicking on the dance floor but at a comfortable level for conversation in the rest of the club.

According to DJ Kyler, the owner, George Foster, opened with the intention to "give something to the community."

It is exactly this positive environment that attracted DJ Kyler to work at the club. Kyler is youthful, unassuming and approachable. He has a classical music background, spent 12 early years playing the piano and still enjoys opera. He comes to the club scene with no preplanned sets and enjoys the creative aspects of his work.

Kyler watches the crowd and has an intuitive style that flows with the energy of the evening. He welcomes requests and has an inate ability for smooth transitions and a trained ear for sounds in one song that are similar to sounds in another. It is this talent that is the magic of his mixing ability.

When asked what type of music he listens to at home, he answers, "rock inspired dance remixes, like what 'The Killers', and 'The Scissor Sisters' produce, with a tech/electro flavor." He has a particular favorite song, by the group Keane, titled "Is It Any Wonder?"

A civil engineer by day, Kyler designs those cleverly banked turns on the freeway exits, "super elevations, as they are called," he corrects. He finds it hard to spin on days that he works as an engineer because of the disparity of the two occupations.

"It takes awhile to prepare for a gig and time for relaxation is very important," he said.

When asked what DJ Kyler would say to his growing list of fans he states, "bring positive energy, come to the club wanting to have a good time."

DJ Kyler will be at Sugar on Sunday, Nov. 19, as well as for an event the night before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 22. The event features a film star advertised as "Meet Colt Man Exclusive, Chris Wide, and an on-stage performance by Alexa Manila."

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