The rebirth of a Central Area playground at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

CENTRAL AREA - Seattle Parks Foundation, Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, and the Friends of Bailey Gatzert Playground celebrated the improvement of their playground at the school's end of the year field day on June 22. After a brief ceremony led by Principal Norma Zavala during the children's lunch, the children ran out to explore their new play areas while the community was offered a tour of the new amenities in one of Seattle's most underserved neighborhoods.

In the last year, Seattle Parks Foundation worked with Bailey Gatzert Elementary to completely transform the playground at the school.  Artistic gates that welcome the public to use this open space after school hours, two new state of the art play structures, and ADA accessible ramps that provide access to all, now replace what was once an underutilized and unsafe playground.

According to Karen Daubert, executive director of Seattle Parks Foundation, "Our projects at Bailey Gatzert did more than build playgrounds and gates, they revitalized a community center and turned some of the scarce open space in the Central District into a place where children can play safely and neighbors can enjoy public green space. The community really came together to improve their neighborhood."[[In-content Ad]]