The Silent Effort

One of the Village business men, when asked if he would advertise in the business section of the Magnolia History Book II, said: "Oh, no, it will just be like the first book and nobody will buy it anyway."

Hmmmm... I say not so; and again, not so. (Besides, he missed the opportunity to support this rare and unique community-based project, as well as a chance to be in the historical record of the business listings... too bad; and, too bad).

First, if you read this column regularly, you have followed the step-by-step community effort by more than 30 volunteers. You have heard some of the stories that are all new and in the collection. You know this is a year-and-a-half journey we are taking to permanently give the Magnolia neighborhood more historical records: through essay and images; true stories of its beginnings (The West Point Archaeology Dig); the humorous stories in the memories of its vanished village shops and corner play lots (Coley Wyckoff's, Barbara Wade Gate's Memoirs); the factual and academic stories of historical research on new and broad topics (Fort Lawton, World War II, The Convalescent Home for Crippled Children.)

All new old stories and all new old photos of Magnolia in the '20s, '30s and '40s. Never been done before!

It will be the same as the first book, in that it will be stylistically similar-just as elegant. But it will have new touches, as well: for instance, it will be 75 pages longer, with more excellent archival photos.

Pre-sales have begun, and the book is at the $40 price; after pre-sales (end of March), the price will rise to $45-good deal to get it now. The designer is returning, I am here again as project manager, the editors are great, and the writers have put together amazing stories and pictures. This is a limited run of 1,500 books. (Go to our Web site at for book information and discussions of Magnolia history.

This is a silent effort-Magnolians silently hard at work, the movers and shakers on the project working on making a historic and beautiful book about the beginnings of our neighborhood. The object of our collective desire is an enthusiastic audience that supports our efforts with tax-deductible donations to augment our grant, pre-sale purchases, a business community that wants to support and advertise in our pages, clubs and organizations that offer to help us get the word out about sales, some applause...

This is a non-profit project: any proceeds will go to more history writing, more photo collection, and on to the University of Washington's Allen Library Special Collections to develop Magnolia's historic photo and document archive for public use.

Want a sneak preview of the book? I am available to speak to groups. Call me at 284-2430. Donations and book orders go to: Dee St. George, 3202 W. Emerson St., Seattle, 98199.

Monica Wooton is a member of the Magnolia Historical Society.[[In-content Ad]]