The South End party rolls on at the Columbia City BeatWalk, Nov. 2

What began 12 years ago as an event to make Rainier Avenue a safe place to be on a Friday night has grown into a beloved neighborhood tradition. It has also contributed to the revitalization of Columbia City.

BeatWalk continues its 2007 season Friday, Nov. 2, from 7-10 p.m. The cost has never changed -- still a mere $5 for all venues, kids pay nothing.

Beatwalk's music reflects the diversity of the neighborhood: Balkan Cabaret at Awash Ethiopian restaurant. Balkan Cabaret plays with passion and poetry the traditional music from eastern Europe. Lead singer Mary Sherhart's voice is as rich and full as dark honey, causing audiences to sway and swoon.

Garfield High jazz quintet at Bookworm Exchange. These first-rate student musicians can really hold their own in the world of jazz. The winner of multiple music awards, Garfield High consistently brings on jazz with style and passion.

Linda Severt at Columbia City Bakery. Multi-instrumentalist, multi-dimensional, always entertaining. One of Seattle's extraordinary and downright funny songwriters plays jazz, blues, contemporary folk and original gems.

The Cosmonauts at Columbia City Fitness Center. An eclectic blend of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, funk and blues featuring the area's best musicians in these genres: bassist Jeff Volkman, guitarist/vocalist Kiko Freitas, keyboardist/vocalist Julio Jauregui, drummer/percussionist Jeff Busch.

Yeni Ses at Columbia City Gallery. Where east meets west, spanning the Bosphorus Strait, where Tukish delights abound, come hear hip-swaying rhythms and Anatolian melodies that will transport you to another place, another era.

The Djangomatics at Lottie's Lounge. Gypsy jazz Django would be proud of this accoustic trio that delivers the driving rhythms of Django, with twists of Latin, Klezmer and French musettes.

Ruthie Dornfeld & Mark Roberts at Verve Wine Bar & Cellar. Celtic and American folk tunes infused with global sensibilities.

The last BeatWalk of the season will be Dec. 7.

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