The South Precinct for July 23


Tuesday 7/15, 7:34 p.m.

Several 911 callers alerted officers to a disturbance taking place in the alley east of the 2000 block of 14th Avenue South.

At the scene, officers found the 48-year-old victim. He suffered a lump on the left side of his head and a 1.5-inch laceration on his chin after 16-year-old boy hit him on the head with a gun once, maybe twice.

According to a witness, the assault occurred after a group of young people began trading insults. One of them was upset about being called names and "being accused of being a bad mother." This person called her mother to come take her home.

When her parents arrived, the insults were still flying, and the victim tried to break it up, saying he had heard enough. At this point one of the boy's drew a silver and black handgun from his waistband and struck the victim. The suspect, and a friend, then walked down the alley, away from the scene.


Wednesday 7/16, 10:44 a.m.

On this particular day, an officer was watching - from his concealed location with binoculars - a man and woman speak to a man sitting in a parked Lincoln Town Car at a fast food restaurant in the 1900 block of 4th Ave. S. The officer watched as the woman stood back while her male companion went to the car and began looking under the hood with the driver.

The officer felt the behavior was odd, and noted that black market drug dealers sometimes hide contraband in engine compartments.

The officer decided to contact the trio and called for backup. In the meantime, the woman drove away, but the officers managed to contact the Town Car driver and the other man. The officers found that neither had been trespassed from the property and subsequently explained to the men they were being questioned because their of behavior.

The suspects told officers they were looking over the car together, which the driver had for sale. One of the officers asked if they were dealing drugs. They said no, but the man hoping to allegedly buy the car said he had a little marijuana on him.

The man gave officers permission to search his pack, and a snap-lock jar containing a small amount of marijuana was found along with a pipe. The man said he uses the plant for various medical reasons.

The officers confiscated the pot, which later tested positive in the evidence unit as being 4.5 grams of marijuana, and the pipe before warning the men they were giving the impression of partaking in illegal narcotics activity and then sending them on their way.

Illegal dumping

Wednesday 7/16, 3:51 p.m.

A woman living alone in the 3600 block of 15th Ave. S. alerted officers "to an ever growing pile of junk that is now leaking over into her backyard." At her home, the investigating officer learned that the problem has been building over the past month. The woman said she asked her neighbors several times to clean it up, but they act "like she's not even there."

The officer agreed that the refuse pile "appears to be cascading into [the victim's] rear yard." The officer noted the pile consists of vegetation, building materials and miscellaneous bits of junk. In the driveway, the officer also spotted several cars that appeared to be in various stages of disrepair. He also saw several smaller piles of junk scattered around the property.

The officer knocked on the door to speak with the neighbors, but no one answered.

Before leaving, the complainant informed the officer "she is unable to keep her basement door open because of large rats that have been running through her yard." She feels the vermin are coming from her neighbor's backyard junk pile. The officer gave her a case number and some contact info and advised her to call the health department about the rats, which she said she would do.

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