The South Precinct for September 10


Friday 8/29, 9:50 a.m.

A Vancouver, B.C., resident visiting his girlfriend was walking from Burger King on Rainier Avenue South to his girlfriend's workplace in the 2200 block of 23rd Ave. S. when he was approached by a man wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt. The visitor held a black bag containing his laptop computer, passport and several DVDs. He also held a red bag holding his clothes.

"How's it going?" asked the hooded man.

The visitor, age 19, answered generically before hearing the hooded man tell him to look down and not say anything. The visitor glanced down and saw the hooded man holding a handgun pointed at him.

"Give me what you got," the robber ordered as he pointed the gun at the visitor.

The visitor opened his wallet and handed him all his money ($20 U.S. currency and $20 Canadian). The robber then demanded the visitor hand over his bags, which he did. Escaping on foot along South Walker Street, the robber was last seen running toward Rainier Avenue South, and the visitor called the cops.

The robber's description was broadcast to officers on duty, and, while the visitor and witnesses were being interviewed, a Metro driver told an officer he saw the suspect running near the 2300 block of 25th Ave. S. Officers converged on the area and knocked on the door of a home. The person who answered said the suspect lived there but that he wasn't home at the time.

During the house visit, one of the officers noticed a dog looking up to the home in an odd way, as if someone was inside. The officer looked to the window as well and saw a man, age 23, put his foot on the ledge as if he were going to jump out of the window, but the man made eye contact with the officer and retreated back inside. The officer then watched as the man jumped out of a different window into a blackberry brier.

The suspect was fished out of the brier, detained, and the victim and two witnesses were brought by to have a look at him. The victim identified the suspect as his robber. During a search of the robber's clothing they found a small bag of marijuana inside one of his pants pockets, but they didn't find the handgun or any of the stolen items. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and possession of marijuana.

Officers set up a containment area to around the house and obtained a search warrant for the house. With the warrant in hand they searched the home and found the victim's black bag sitting on the porch with his laptop, passport and DVDs. Near the stolen bag the officers found a golf club bag that had a black Lugar 9mm handgun zipped in the lower pocket. Inside the home, on the couch, they found a black, hooded sweatshirt.


Saturday 9/30, 4:34 a.m.

Officers were dispatched to the Safeway in the 3800 block of Rainier Ave. S. to investigate the triggering of an audible alarm. At the scene, the officer found a front window broken out with a large concrete garden block sitting beneath it. The officers searched the store for suspects, none were found, and then called in the manager.

The manager arrived and did a quick inventory check. He found two flat screen televisions were missing.

The officers noted it appeared as if the robber(s) hauled the 40-pound block from a landscaping area nearby.

Drugs, car crash

Saturday 9/30, 5:20 a.m.

A man called the police saying that he had been drinking and crashed his car. Shortly before he called, another person dialed 911 to report a hit and run incident accident. They were determined to be the same incident.

Police responded to the scene near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and South Myrtle Street and spoke with the caller, age 30. Officers could smell alcohol on his breath; they conducted a field sobriety test on him (he failed), read him his Miranda rights, and arrested him.

The man told officers he had been drinking earlier in the evening at the Seahawks game and that he had also been smoking crack cocaine before he crashed his car. Officers subsequently found a Honda Civic and the parked vehicle it had smashed into. Inside the Honda they also discovered a four-inch glass crack pipe on the front seat.

The suspect admitted that he was smoking crack, became paranoid, and then crashed into the car.[[In-content Ad]]