To the polls: It's all too much, but please vote anyway

The swirling of the news - it is much like our autumn leaves being whirled aloft and down our streets from our blustery winter storms.

Except that the torrent of bad news isn't the first of the season. The wars continue, the indictments now spread from corporate scandals to high-level government officials, the hurricanes keep forming, what we call natural disasters (i.e. tsunamis and earthquakes) have a scale beyond comprehension.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a society that is ripping itself apart in disagreement, with the stealth destructive power of religion leading the way. A friend recently told me that he never discusses religion; what for?, he says - either you are just preaching to the choir, or no one is listening. But isn't that silence potentially more damaging?

We can have a voice on Nov. 8. Although it is too late for people who have not yet registered to vote, they can make a pro-active decision and register to vote now, today or at the latest, tomorrow. To have a sudden surge in voter registration would itself be a powerful voice.

Think of the impact if we had a voter turnout at 80 percent. You can rant and rave about the politicians and the strange initiative process, but if you don't vote, I am not interested. Your vote does count when it gets counted. Think of those close margins recently, when recounts were called and all ballots had to be counted. Imagine if you had not voted. I am not talking about the final outcome, but rather I am reflecting upon the final importance of each vote.

Whichever way the vote swings, both sides on the issues look at voter participation. They are in a horserace, with their number-cruncher advisors betting on low voter turnout. Oh, how I would love to have them all surprised, and it really is just one by one to get the numbers higher. Take the action. You have a voice. Use it with your vote.[[In-content Ad]]