Vote your conscience

To the editor:

Say we express our opinion in a letter to the editor or publish a pamphlet critical of the government. Or we could be in a protest march carrying a sign critical of the government. Then suddenly we are arrested and disappear. Our sacred right of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution has been overruled.

All it takes is for the president or one of his henchmen to point a finger at us and say "he or she is a terrorist," and we lose the rights granted by the Constitution, the right of habeas corpus and a speedy trial before our peers and the right to confront our accuser. We suffer these risks because of laws passed by a Congress acquiescent to the present administration and a Supreme Court stacked with justices who favor their agenda.

This is why we must exercise personal accountability, wake up our neighbors and take notice of what our representatives do under the influence of mega-corporate interests and their lobbyists.

We must hold accountable those who have not been upholding their oath of office to defend our Constitution against all enemies, both domestic and foreign. We must pay attention to what they are doing in our name. This is why we must speak out when our government is committing crimes in our name. We must speak loud and clear to Congress for it to uphold their oath of office to defend our Constitution or get new people in Congress.

The political dance goes on on both sides. Yet except for Kucinich, Wexler and maybe two or three others, not a word about bringing key members of this administration to justice by impeachment is spoken.

As our founding fathers once said, we must stand together or hang together. We, as citizens, must exercise our right to vote and pay careful attention as to where we place our vote. This is why I made a public pledge that I will not vote for any standing politician for the rest of my life who has not upheld their oath of office to defend our Constitution by taking a stand for impeaching key members of this administration.

We have accepted the lesser of two evils long enough. I will vote my conscience for the best independents running for the offices of public trust. I want representatives who will take steps to change this nation's path of imperialism to a policy of justice and cooperation with the family of nations. We must prevent torture and crimes against humanity committed in our names so that we will no longer be victimized by state crimes.

J. Glenn Evans

First Hill

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