'What do you think about Bush's naming of Gen. Hayden as the new head of the C.I.A.?'


"I can't say that I have formed an opinion on that yet. There seems to be a lot of rumblings going on; I am waiting for the dust to settle."


"I think that it is fine. From what I have read he is a very professional guy, and the fact that he was in the military does not mean that he is just a military guy - he has a lot of experience. I think that he will do a good job."


"If the guy is competent, what is the matter? The intelligence community needs to be more integrated and have stronger lines of communication with the military anyway."


"There is a good chance that anyone Bush would have appointed I would have problems with. I don't have any strong opinions about Hayden. I am waiting to see what comes out of the hearings."

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