What you can do to reduce global warming

The city of Seattle's Neighborhood Matching Fund has designated a specific source of funding to support local residents in making their local climate protection dream a reality - and to have fun and build community while doing it.

Since cars and trucks are the single biggest contributor to climate disruption in Seattle, creative strategies that encourage going car-free or make driving more efficient and cleaner are winning climate-protection actions. And on a related front, there are many innovative money-saving, life-enhancing and climate-protecting ways to save energy - electricity and natural gas.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR MATCHING FUNDING?■ neighborhood-based organizations of residents or of businesses;

■ local, community -based organizations that advocate for the interests of people of color;

■ ad hoc groups of neighbors who form a committee solely for the purpose of designing and carrying out a specific project


The Neighborhood Matching Fund accepts funding applications in four rounds each calendar year. Deadlines are firm. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the date of the deadline.

The submission deadlines for the Small and Simple fund for 2007 are July 9 and Oct. 1.


Projects seeking funding under the Small and Simple grant program may request up to $15,000. These projects should be able to be completed in six months or less.


The first step in the application process is to speak with a Neighborhood Matching Fund project manager to discuss your idea and learn more about the process. Call 684-0464 to set up an appointment or find out where and when the next technical assistance workshop is to be offered.

For general information about this or other community-building opportunities, or to download application guidelines and forms, visit www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/

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