Words of wisdom from Beach Boys and Chili Peppers

Music is universally appealing and inspiring. It can showcase the unique and draw us happily together. It is rhythmic, oscillating. It moves us ... physically and emotionally. It is comprised of parts that come together to create invisible beauty. We are drawn to the sense of balance within music, and we intuitively alert to any harmonic disruption. Similarly, we are finely tuned to maintain our own well-being.

Holistic wellness is about removing the obstacles that impede you from fully inhabiting and expressing your innate capacity - your song. When we are out of sync with our true nature, symptoms of discomfort present as an alert to the discord. In effect, symptoms are an instrument of well-being. As we remove sources of discord, we regain our balance and the body heals.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing, "We got to move it if we want to do our best. We got to shake it if we want to keep it fresh." Literally, movement is valuable for loosening stagnation that is causing disharmony in the body. Figuratively, any individual's authentic nature may well be the greatest source of creativity we have available to us. Yet being true to oneself can require courage, strength and perseverance.


Many of us feel compelled to compromise our true nature to find acceptance as a child, a student, an employee, or a citizen within the community. Do you remember the initial hostility in response to remarks the Dixie Chicks made regarding President George Bush? The artists subsequently released an album that completed that loop of communication. This year at the Grammy Awards, they earned themselves just reward for remaining true to themselves. How might things have evolved if they'd instead chosen to just let it go?

Completions (remaining focused, staying the course) are essential to maintaining inner harmony. When we breathe, inhale is followed by exhale - holding the breath will trigger a stress response. When we converse, speaking gives way to listening - an incompletion on either side results in relational difficulty. When we make a commitment, following through fosters a sense of accomplishment while failed agreements cause all sorts of trouble. Whether we create completions over the short term or long term, it is important to close the loop one way or another.

How often have you had trouble falling asleep due to worry related to an unspoken truth, an overwhelming to-do list? Loose ends sap energy and get you stuck. Your body lets you know when you're stuck - you won't feel good. Loose ends force you to divide your focus/energy rather than benefit from your full potential to engage in the experience of the moment.

You may think you've "let it go," but notice how your body reveals the residual charge of any incompletion you bring to mind. Realize you carry this burden it at all times, whether you're thinking about it or not.

Be it your stress, your relationships or your responsibilities, problems only get bigger when ignored. Your body reflects your life, so notice and respond to the small messages before they become big ones. Use their prod to help you zero-in on an empowering to-do list.

What truth do you need to acknowledge/speak? What commitment is causing you tension? As you address each item, you'll find the process becomes easier and easier. In good time, you'll realize life and your health have taken a turn for the better and you're feelin' those good vibrations again.

IIR-certified reflexologist Julie Glassmoyer employs wellness practices to help overcome stress. Applied to the feet, reflexology is a stress-relieving technique that improves nerve, circulatory and energetic function.

Breathing practice classes are available at Overlake/BCC, Bellevue and Kirkland parks departments and the Columbia Athletic Club in Juanita. Information: www.thesynergywellnesscenter.com or 425-445-7949.

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