LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cover art not representative of parties

I was disappointed by your “Dogma of the Democrats” cover art (April 2014). It is perfectly reasonable to point out the challenges of being a conservative and of promoting conservative ideas in overwhelmingly liberal Seattle. But if you believe the press has a role in informing and educating the citizenry, then you should make some effort at an informed and educational representation of the different points of view.

Liberals do not want “more spending” and “more taxes,” as your cover suggests. A more accurate description is that they feel a need for more governmental services and more government revenue to pay for those services.

A reasonable description of the conservative point of view is that they feel the private sector does a more effective job than the public sector of delivering many services, and that government should, therefore, be smaller.

Neither point of view is unreasonable. I’d love to see the Madison Park Times hold itself to a higher bar.

Jabe Blumenthal, Capitol Hill