LETTER: Seattle sucks!

This screwed up “world-class city” (or is it “no-class city?”) was lovely and accessible when I enrolled in the University of Washington School of Art in 1949.

I had sculptures in the 1962 World Fair. Looks like that was the high point. Now it’s all dangerous, out of control.

And I’m crippled by injuries from its dangerous, unfixed sidewalks, where I was walking “for health.”

While the city was paying me an inadequate injury settlement, the city attorney was pictured by the Seattle times as he pranced triumphantly back to his office with the first legal pot, which he kept, illegally, on city property.

Seattle sucks. And bringing basketbawl back won’t fix it.

I’m crippled but still pushing it. Still entering the oldest state art annual and winning periodic awards.

Repeat: Seattle sucks. This rich, bungling ruin can’t even deal with homelessness. See the Seattle Times’ latest dig about the failure to make tiny houses.

Here’s the final “crippling” note: Now I’m damaged even worse by my own bungling, negligent HMO health care experts, Group Health.

Group Health is trying to weasel out of responsibility. But crippled as I am, I’m pursuing justices. Patient damage is a nationwide crime.

Gordon Anderson

Rainier Beach