Anti-police graffiti hits Madison Valley on New Year Day

At least four incidents of vandalism reported

At least four separate incidents of politically-charged graffiti his residential neighborhoods of the Madison Valley early in the morning of New Years Day.

Messages such as “kill cops,” “yuppies,” and “eat the rich” were scrawled on several targeted properties which had been newly constructed or renovated.

Mark Jamieson, spokesperson for the Seattle Police Department, said that the vandalism crimes had already been forwarded to the precinct’s graffiti detective.

“Unfortunately this kind of thing isn’t rare,” he said. “There are anti-police, anti-gentrification tags which pop up sometimes. But it doesn’t appear to be targeted toward any particular person.”

Additionally, a truck windshield was smashed and a car tire slashed on the same night. Jamieson said the department is investigating the incidents as related, but it’s not known for sure at this time.

The incidents of graffiti were located in the 300 block of 30th Avenue East, the 200 block of 29th Avenue East and the 1800 block of 29th Avenue East. 

“We have charges of graffiti and property destruction,” Jamieson said. “If it rises above a certain monetary level it can be a felony. The slashed tire might bring it to that level.”

If you have any information about the New Year vandalism in Madison Valley, please contact Seattle Police Detective Chris Young at