New to the neighborhood

If you’ve been combing through the paper or online and noticed something different, it’s that there’s a new Madison Park Times editor on the job.

I’m excited about this opportunity ahead of me, to cover this new neighborhood, make connections with community groups and invested residents, and hear from readers about the news that’s most important to them, so the Madison Park Times can be the best can continually improve.

I have a decade of experience reporting and editing for daily and weekly community newspapers, and so you can expect to see me out and about, covering the business association and community council meetings, reporting what’s going down in city hall and how it affects residents in the Madison Valley, and digging into neighborhood developments.

Prior to taking on this new assignment, I was editor for the Capitol Hill Times, and it was great to get a sense of the community there, which I hope I can do just as successfully for folks here in the Madison Valley area.

Every community has its challenges, especially as Seattle continues on its course of rapid population growth, but these communities also have a tremendous amount of pride in what makes their neighborhood’s great.

It always sounds so cliche to say that readers are a newspaper’s eyes on the ground, but it’s so true. That’s why I invite anyone from the community to drop me a line to discuss their thoughts about a neighborhood issue, or just to say hello and give their take on what makes this neighborhood such a desirable place to call home.

Not only is this a new community for me to learn, it’s also the first newspaper I’ve managed that comes out just once a month.

I don’t know about you folks, but I think people like to have their news faster, which is why I’m committed to increasing the articles we put out at madisonparktimes.com, and boosting our presence on social media, including Facebook and Twitter (@MadisonParkTime). So, if you haven’t already, give us a follow.

My goal, with every paper I’ve ever worked at, is to provide the most relevant and helpful information possible, keeping readers well informed and proud to pick up each new copy of their local newspaper.

Well, that’s probably enough from me, as it’s time to get back to work making the Madison Park Times a little better each day.

If you do want to help me out with that, give me a call at 206-461-1310 or an email at mpttimes@nwlink.com.