St. Therese Church and School welcome you

If you are looking for a faith home, St. Therese Catholic Church may be just the place for you.  Our fall programs for adults and children will be starting soon, and we invite you to check us out.  We are located on 35th Ave in Madrona between Marion and Spring. 

Our Sunday masses are at 8:30am with lively, contemporary music, and at 12 noon and 5pm (beginning in September), both with Gospel music.  We hope you will join us some Sunday in the near future. 

Beginning in October, we provide weekly classes for children using a Montessori-based approach to teaching children about faith.  To learn more about our children’s faith formation program, call Nicole St. Hilaire at 206-720-7272 or email cgs.st.therese.cc@gmail.com. 

Our pre-school through 8th grade elementary school begins on Tuesday, September 4.   To learn more about the school, email Randi Bagley, rbagley@stcaseattle.org or call 206-995-8104 or visit our web-site: www.stcaseattle.org.

St. Therese is a diverse, welcoming community with a strong commitment to social justice.  We sponsor a winter over-night shelter for ten homeless men.  We are also engaged in providing support for refugees and immigrants. 

There is much more happening at St. Therese.  Check out our web-site: www.st-therese.cc or come visit us.  All are welcome.