McGilvra Fall Carnival reaps big

PTA raises funds, collects canned goods for school food pantry

McGilvra Fall Carnival reaps big

McGilvra Fall Carnival reaps big

The McGilvra PTA brought in a good harvest of funds and canned goods for the elementary school’s food pantry during the annual fall carnival on Friday, Oct. 25.

“It was a big success. We raised about $5,300 through a sponsorship from Bert’s Red Apple and ticket sales and food and drink sales,” said Shanna Kritser, fundraising committee co-chair for the McGilvra PTA.

Those funds are expected to keep the Wildcat Food Pantry at McGilvra stocked through the end of the school year. It supports students experiencing food insecurity, including during holiday breaks.

Kritser said the PTA also collected 533 cans of food during the McGilvra Fall Carnival, which will fill 45 bags of groceries.

“It’s enough for 15 families to have food over Thanksgiving break,” she said. “We knew we needed to stock up for that , but we’re constantly taking donations for the food pantry, so families have food for through the weekend.”

People can click on the McGilvra Pantry option at to give.

Putting together the Fall Carnival takes months of planning, and started as a simple harvest dance.

“Kids and families really look forward to this event every year,” Kritser said, “because it’s typically the week before Halloween and kids wear their costumes.”

The event was bolstered by the completion of a new cafeteria over the summer.

“It’s great to know if it is pouring down rain, we can use the cafeteria and the gym, where before we were kind of stuck outside,” Kritser said.