City temporarily eliminating paid, time-limited parking rules

City temporarily eliminating paid, time-limited parking rules

City temporarily eliminating paid, time-limited parking rules

The City of Seattle is temporarily eliminating paid and time-limited street parking rules to support residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes went into effect Monday so residents don't have to worry about tickets while they remain at home and facilitate easier access to essential businesses for employees and customers.

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Police Department will implement the following temporary changes to parking enforcement in the City of Seattle:

  • No payment will be required on streets with paid parking.

  • Hourly time limits will not be enforced outside of Restricted Parking Zones.

  • Loading zones up to 30-minutes, including new food pick-up zones, will continue to be enforced. 

  • Other previously announced temporary parking enforcement changes including suspension of the 72-hour parking rule will continue until further notice.

  • Special zones will still be in effect, including new zones for hospital and human services staff as well as existing zones for freight, food trucks or charter buses.  

  • Restricted Parking Zone time limits will be enforced so that people who live in RPZ neighborhoods can still find parking near their homes.

All other parking regulations will still be enforced — including no parking zones, peak period parking restrictions for transit and travel lanes, disabled permit parking spaces, commercial and passenger load zones and temporary no-parking areas designated by a-frame signs, including temporary food pick-up zones. The Seattle Police Department will prioritize enforcement of parking restrictions that protect safety and maintain access for transit, freight and emergency vehicles.

Reinstating paid parking will be phased in after the stay-home order is lifted. At that time, SDOT will reinstate a minimum payment of $0.50 per hour in all paid areas for three weeks. SDOT will then begin to adjust rates based on demand as customers return to business districts and need reliable access at the curb.  

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